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May 28, 2010

the final concept!

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Here is the final concept…


April 30, 2010

The Concepts…

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here are the inital ideas for the project…

April 29, 2010


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Here is the brief for this semester’s project:

Sunbeam Inc won the prestigious, global Red Dot Award for their Café Series Contact Grill in 2008 and the Portable Appliance Supplier of the Year in 2007/2008. Sunbeam aims to launch a new toaster for the middle to high income segment of kitchen appliances market in Australia. This new toaster is to use the technical package of the Sunbeam Thick & Thin 2 Toaster (TA2210).

Turbine151 Studio 2 has been commissioned  to design a new toaster to be launched to the market in October 2011. Studio 2 designers will work with staff to develop this brief.

Design Constraints

  • The external casing must be mounted using the common screw points identified in the technical package of the Sunbeam  Thick & Thin 2 Toaster (TA2210).


New toaster will be designed with only the following features:

  • 2 slice electronic toaster
  • Electronic browning control dial
  • High-lift lever
  • Defrost and Cancel functions
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Cord storage
  • Material will be decided by following Australian Standards’ requirements.
  • Sale price to be determined by market analysis
  • Deadline for final project submission is 23 June 2010.

November 22, 2009

The Final Design!

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Here is the final concept range presented to the client, The first concept release is for a pencil/pen holder, a photo frame and an envelope holder.


October 19, 2009

The initial concepts

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here are the three initial concepts presented to the client. Any feedback is appreciated!

Alessi concept development

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So just thought i’d post up the concept development thus far. I’m not entirely happy with the concepts i’ve narrowed it down to, so there’s a good chance i might develop a different idea at this point in time.

August 10, 2009


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The next brief for submission is to design a product to be marketed and sold by Alessi.

Below is the proposed design brief:


Alberto Alessi aims to design and produce new unique desktop objects to be launched to the global market in 2011. The new product range includes pencils, bookmarkers, paper knives, desk organizers, photo frames, document trays, bookstands, envelope holders, pencil holders, paper baskets, pencil sharpeners, magnetic paper and clip holders. Alessi states that design must be able to move people, to convey feelings, to trigger memories, to surprise, to go against the grain. Alessi expects socially and culturally sound designs will be developed for this new range to make people a bit happier. You need to design 3 different products selected out of the new product range mentioned above. It is crucial that to create a unique desktop set by establishing a poetical connection between them.


Constraints: emotional design/recyclable materials/global market



July 27, 2009


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Just wanted to say many thanks to everyone for the comments!! ( feed://davidwheelerdesign.wordpress.com/comments/feed/ )  they were all very much appreciated.




June 14, 2009


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Presenting Hari, a modular floating-shelf system that allows the user to create their own shelf layout that can be adapted and changed at any time. Featuring a unique T track system for mounting to any surface, it allows anchor points to be placed at any position along the shape. Inspired by Naoto Fukasawa’s design philosophy, and sourcing it’s colour scheme from the InfoBar 2 mobile telephone, this is the the first design submitted for Enmore Design Centre’s Product Design and Innovation Course.


All comments and feedback welcome.


Many thanks,

Dave Wheeler





Final hand drawing

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just thought I’d post up a picture of the final hand drawing i’ve completed for the final ICON submission.Final Hand Rendering

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